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Line Maintenance Delivered Overnight

Northern Aerotech’s new business model ships speedy line maintenance to a customer’s door.

Danish line maintenance supplier Northern Aerotech has launched a new business model to cut down on the time it takes to open line stations globally. The company’s deployable line station (DLS) model aims to open new line stations in as little time as it takes to fly to a new location.

Although Northern Aerotech has opened more than 80 stations worldwide since launching in 2011, the MRO wanted a more flexible solution for mobile line maintenance that wasn’t constrained by line station location. The DLS setup consists of a large branded box filled with everything needed for line maintenance at a remote location, from office articles to aircraft specific tooling. The box, which is pre-approved by the Danish CAA and does not require audit from authorities, can be put together quickly and shipped via air freight to its destination through Northern Aerotech’s partners in the shipping industry. Typically, boxes arrive the following day. If there are no delays with customs or airport clearance, these deployable line stations are able to open much more quickly than the company’s previous movable line station service.


Northern Aerotech

Once the new DLS is open, Northern Aerotech can continue to work in a mobile format or establish a fixed line station by investing in facilities and a hangar based on operational timeframe. The company says the main goal of the DLS setup is to support customers as quickly as possible while providing flexibility and reduced costs.

Northern Aerotech introduced its first DLS box in early November, which was sent to Cape Verde. Since then, the company has also sent a DLS box to Kuwait. There are a couple more boxes in stock and Northern Aerotech is building additional ones for upcoming operations. The company says boxes are fabricated in a matter of days, depending on tool lead time.

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