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Line Maintenance Operations Go Mobile

MRO providers are finding new ways to use technology to improve the efficiency of the line maintenance process.

1. Focus On New Aircraft and Big Data

Company: SR Technics

Specifications: Performing more than 120,000 line-maintenance events yearly across Europe, SR Technics supports a wide variety of aircraft and engine types from Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Fokker. The Zurich-based MRO provider is focused on expanding its experience with new-technology aircraft such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, recently opening extended line maintenance capabilities for the former (along with the A320neo) in Zurich and Geneva. At the beginning of 2017, SR Technics equipped its engineers and technicians with mobile tablets, to help make processes leaner and improve efficiency. According to Jakob Straub, head of aircraft services and line maintenance, the company is regularly assessing industry trends such as the growth in big data to improve services and ensure evolving capability. “Big data has the potential to fundamentally change the way this industry operates. The technology available on aircraft is changing the way we are working and conducting reporting, making it more efficient to perform line maintenance activities,” he says.

SR TechnicsLine Maintenance

2. Flexibility in Independent MRO Status

Company: Storm Aviation

Specifications: Established in 1996, Storm Aviation is an independent MRO serving over 50 carriers across its international network. With 20 global line stations spanning Europe, Africa and Asia, the company services aircraft from major manufacturers, such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. Identifying a niche market for flexible light maintenance solutions including AOG repairs, cabin reconfigurations, major component changes and bridging checks, Storm relocated to a widebody facility at London Stansted Airport in 2015. The fully approved and equipped hangar has enabled the MRO to build up its client base and establish itself as a flexible, independent service provider. The company believes this independent status will be crucial for the inevitable future consolidation and outsourcing of the line maintenance segment.

Storm AviationLine Maintenance

3. Servicing New Airbus and Boeing Technology

Company: Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd.

Specifications: As a recent winner of the 2017 “Line Maintenance Provider of the Year” honor at the Aviation 100 Gala Awards, Monarch Aircraft Engineering is focusing on servicing new technology introduced on the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 and 737 MAX. The independent UK-based MRO, which operates line maintenance out of 10 stations across Europe, opened new bases this year in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Nice, France, to support Boeing Global Fleet Care for the 737 MAX and 787. Success of the new bases so far makes Monarch confident that their portable model can be quickly rolled out at new stations. According to the MRO, new technology on these aircraft has increased the amount of work that can be undertaken on the line, reducing the need for lengthy hangar inputs. Monarch is focusing on ways to grow their network of line stations, as well as attracting and retaining skilled engineering staff.

Line Maintenance

4. Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 Authority

Company: Emirates Engineering

Specifications: Based in Dubai, Emirates Engineering’s line-maintenance section provides 24/7 support to Emirates and other airlines operating out of the area. Emirates Engineering also works with a network of outstation teams to provide line-maintenance support at nearly 20 international airports. As the largest operator of Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft, Emirates Engineering is at the forefront of maintenance on these aircraft types, promising customers expertise and efficiency. The MRO has added a hangar maintenance option, providing the security of what it says is one of the most comprehensive maintenance facilities available in the Dubai region.


Emirates EngineeringLine Maintenance

5. Providing Cost-Effective Local Solutions

Company: FL Technics Line

Specifications: With more than 40 line stations worldwide and the ability to open new line stations anywhere in the world on short notice, FL Technics Line prides itself on offering quick, localized solutions. The MRO provider has implemented procedures allowing them to perform work on an aircraft while official approval processes are still taking place, which saves time—and money. This is complemented by FL Technics Line’s focus on investing in local manpower. The company believes the way to be competitive in the market is cooperating with and training local manpower to provide solutions in more remote regions, which helps to keep costs down and provide essential services in AOG situations. FL Technics Line is growing, with six new line stations opened across Europe this year, and the company says there are more to come.

FL Technics

6. Quick Response Time With a Growing Network

Company: STS Line Maintenance

Specifications: Priding itself on consistently meeting its goal of response to gate calls within 15 min., STS Line Maintenance provides scheduled overnight and on-call line-maintenance to support major, regional and international airlines. As the largest private line-maintenance service provider in the U.S., STS Line Maintenance has grown recently, thanks to the trend of airlines consolidating their network of MRO providers and pushing maintenance tasks to outstations. STS Line Maintenance has grown from 12 to 25 stations within the past year, in large part due to its acquisition of Haeco Line Care. The company also recently expanded its operational reach outside the U.S. with the opening of its first station in the Bahamas. STS Line Maintenance says it plans to continue expanding its network as new opportunities present themselves while maintaining high-quality standards and cost-effective solutions.

STS Line MaintenanceLine Maintenance


7. Servicing Emerging and Challenging Markets

Company: Magnetic MRO

Specifications: Based in Estonia, Magnetic MRO provides line-maintenance solutions for start-up airlines, larger airlines looking to outsource work and airlines operating in challenging environments, such as emerging markets and conflict zones. Magnetic MRO opens new line stations with 1-3 months lead time upon customer request, depending on a customer’s geography and operational situation. The line-maintenance provider is experiencing rapid growth, with capability for the Airbus A320neo and A330 and the Boeing 737 MAX and 787 MAX coming soon. Additionally, Magnetic MRO is opening stations in bigger airports and strategic hubs, such as Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm and Warsaw, Poland.

Magnetic MROLine Maintenance


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