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Linetech, Adria Tehnika Merger Looks To Greater Capacity, Increase Staff

Since acquiring Adria Airways Tehnika in November 2015, Poland’s Linetech has spent the past 15 months implementing new strategies into the business. Maksimiljan Pele, CEO at Adria Airways Tehnika, discusses the transition and its long-term strategies.

What have been some of the major changes as a result of Linetech acquiring Adria Tehnika?

We decided to keep the companies operating as separate entities, with each keeping its trademark and capabilities but under the ownership of the Linetech Group. However sales and marketing is now in one department with common approach to the customers and overlooking the overall slots availability on all three sites. As a combined entity, we operate three sites – with two in Katowice and Rzeszow in Poland along with a hangar in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Additionally, we approved existing facility in Rzeszow, Poland as additional base maintenance facility on Adria Tehnika Part 145 approval last year to enable the fulfilment of growing customer requests.

 Did any pre-existing plans before the acquisition change following the deal?

 A priority during the acquisition was to continue supporting ongoing projects so they could be finalized while new projects including the development of products and expanded capacities are planned in the near future. We have invested in the additional equipment to cope with the growth of activities and in the training of our employees.

The latest results posted in December 2016 showed greater profits. Did the acquisition play a part in achieving this?

 To some extent yes. But more so, this is a result of not just our past long-term activities but we were also helped by having an active owner from the industry which played an important role in our future growth.

Europe has a competitive MRO market, but the Central and Eastern European region has produced some impressive growth rates in the past 10 years. Where do you see a combined Linetech-Adria Tehnika heading?

 The group offers line and base maintenance on Airbus A320 family aircraft, Boeing 737-300/400/500/600/700/900, Bombardier CRJ 100/200/700/900/1000, Embraer 135/170/190 and ATR42/-72 aircraft. This puts the whole group as a significant player in Central and Eastern Europe by wide range of products and the available capacity. In the long-term, our ambition is to become the fastest growing MRO in Central and Eastern Europe.

What are some growth targets for 2017?

 We plan stable growth in 2017. This year will see us add 25 new employees, along with the implementation of some process improvement activities. The aim of this is to further improve our quality, flexibility and efficiency. These areas are key elements and ones that really matter to customers. Our focus is to grow as indicated in our guideline: ‘The only way is up!’. We wish to further grow our airframe base maintenance, line maintenance, engineering services and training and to expand our customer base. We are also exploring the possibility of adding another aircraft type to our capability, but no decision has been made yet.


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