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Locatory Seeks To Build on Russian Market Successes

Recently formed partnership with Russia's UTair marks further foray into the country.

Locatory.com has been growing successfully as an electronic marketplace for aircraft parts, especially in eastern markets. The firm has ambitions of doing much more than just serve as a marketplace, and here too customers to the east may help.

Part of Avia Solutions, which also does MRO, pilot and crew training, ground handling and fueling, Locatory recently announced a partnership with Russia’s UTair. What does that mean for Locatory, UTair and the Russian market generally?

CEO Dainius Meilunas says Locatory always seeks to create specific solutions that will benefit client needs. “Having established a business relationship with UTair, our experts will monitor the project and analyze feedback from the customer to offer solutions.” Meilunas says his firm can now offer customized IT and tailor-made software for business-process optimization, enterprise resource planning and other services. He expects it will be able to do even more in the near future.

Russia is an important and familiar market for the firm. “UTair, Rossiya Airlines, AeroGeo Airlines and Alrosa Air Company are only some of the well-known Russian companies that have successfully started and continue using the Locatory.com marketplace,” Meilunas says. Locatory considered Russia very important from the beginning, and the firm is the number-one aviation marketplace there now.

Meilunas argues that the multilingual Locatory.com is superior to other part locators for this market because it is more suited to work with Russian-built aircraft parts. “It differs not only in the way that the user's console is translated into Russian, but it also can search for parts in Cyrillic characters and thus greatly facilitate Russian speakers working with Russian-built aircraft.” That may just give Locatory the relationships and leverage it needs to go beyond being an electronic market to offer more high-value IT services. 

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