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Lotams to Build New MRO Facility in Poland

Plans for a new hangar follow the purchasing of new land at Jasionka Airport.

Polish Aviation Group, LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (Lotams) and Rzeszów Jasionka Airport have concluded agreements related to the purchase of two plots of land totaling 13 hectares at Jasionka Airport.

As part of its building plans, Lotams intends to construct a new aircraft maintenance base, which it says will be among the largest in Europe. From 2022, narrowbody and widebody aircraft from around the world will be serviced there.

In the first stage of the construction of the Rzeszów base, approximately 150 million PLN ($37 million) will be invested, and more than 300 professionals will find employment. Ultimately, investment will reach 500 million PLN ($125 million) and the employment level will be 1,500.

The entire infrastructure will consist of three hangars for servicing and repairing aircraft and one dedicated hangar for painting. The project involves the creation of workshop, warehouse, technical, social and office facilities.

In addition to departments dedicated directly for aircraft service, Lotams plans to create and operate departments supporting maintenance activities: planning, engineering, logistics, tool shop, NDT testing, component service, structural workshops, avio-electro workshops, aesthetics.

Lotams will be able to perform simultaneous maintenance of four widebody aircraft or alternatively 15 narrowbody aircraft or up to 20 regional aircraft.

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