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Lufthansa To Launch U.S. Apprenticeship Program

German airline group hopes to bring new talent to its Puerto Rico maintenance division's operation.

Lufthansa Airlines CEO Carsten Spohr has announced that Lufthansa Group is launching a new aerospace apprenticeship program in the United States in cooperation with the US Department of Labor.

The apprenticeships will take place at Lufthansa Technik’s recently launch maintenance facility on Puerto Rico.

Spohr told a group of reporters after International Aviation Club of Washington, DC luncheon on June 7 that 325 mechanics have already been hired and trained at Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico (LTPR) and that the company will now train 40 new apprentices at the facility each year.

When asked in Puerto Rico’s recent bankruptcy has had any impact on the operations at LTPR, Spohr said that is has not.

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