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Lufthansa Technik Mechanics Create New Damage Reporting App

Frustrated mechanics took matters into their own hands by developing t/complaint for more efficient damage and complaint reporting.

An application originally developed by mechanics at Lufthansa Technik’s Hamburg base is being deployed across the company thanks to LHT’s new idea management concept.

Frustrated by the traditional process of recording data from damage analyses—which required taking a photo with a camera, transferring the photo to a computer, converting it to a PDF document and incorporating it within a damage report—mechanics at LHT’s Hamburg base decided to streamline the process. The team developed t/complaint, an iOS-capable app for more efficient damage and complaint reporting. Reducing the reporting time from ten minutes to three minutes, the app allows mechanics to take a photo of damage using a tablet, which automatically links to the barcode photo of the order form and adds it to the report in the system. 

t/complaint was submitted to LHT’s “my ideas” IT portal, which encourages employees to submit innovative ideas that get put in front of the appropriate managers at the company. The completed app, which is available for LHT employees in Apple’s App Store, is already being used by more than 50 departments and subsidiaries within the company.

“Continual enhancement means the app is now tailored for many divisions of Lufthansa Technik, with appropriate interfaces in place,” says Stefan Kaehlert, project team leader for t/complaint. “The usage ranges from definite damage reports and type plate clarification to work orders, supplies planning and photographic shipment checks in the logistics field. 

LHT says that in addition to t/complaint, around 2,000 ideas have been submitted to the “my ideas” portal. The company credits around 40 million euros in savings each year to employees that have submitted creative ideas for improvement, which were implemented in LHT’s hangars, workshops and offices.

According to Dr. Olvier Reichel-Busch, head of corporate idea management at LHT, these creative innovations are second nature for the company’s employees. “Engineers want to make things better. It’s in our DNA,” says Reichel-Busch. “The rollout of the ‘my ideas’ concept is the starting signal for a new ideas culture.”

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