Lufthansa_Technik_Cyclean_Australia_1.jpg Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik Signs Up Qantas For Cylclean

Qantas has signed a contract for Lufthansa Technik’s Cyclean engine wash services on the CFM56-7 engines powering its Boeing 737 fleet.

The program began in January with the engine washing taking place at the Australian carrier’s facility in Melbourne.

Washing services are being carried out by 145 Aviation Services, the Australian MRO whichwas commissioned by Lufthansa Technik to provide the its Cyclean offering in January 2016.

It has carried out a mobile service over the past year across the Melbourne area.

Oliver Winter, head of engine life cycle services at Lufthansa Technik, says it will look to expand the Cyclean program in Australia with further stations planned for Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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