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Lufthansa Technik Talking With Potential Investors for Data Hub

The aftermarket services provider says it is getting lots of interest from potential partners for data storage hub.

Lufthansa Technik’s chairman is a strong anti-monopoly advocate and carries that belief to Aviatar, the company’s open platform for the aviation industry, and the company's Aviation Data Hub, which it established to store various forms of airline and MRO data.

As Johannes Bussmann told Inside MRO in September 2018, “We started Aviatar, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be the sole owner 12 months from now because it’s not our idea to establish Aviatar as another monopoly, like an airframer’s solution. We want it to be an open, independent platform, so we are talking with our competitors and other market participants to become stakeholders with us.”

To ensure competition, Bussmann said Lufthansa Technik would put Aviatar into a separate entity to allow for multiple owners. “This is extremely important because we don’t want monopolization around data ownership,” he added.

Fast forward to today, and the company is still stressing that its aviation data hub is designed for fueling the digitalization of aviation, and other industries, and it will “ensure control, choice and competition,” says Dr. Jens Krueger, head of corporate communications, marketing and political affairs.

He says Lufthansa Technik is in “progressive talks with potential partners of this aviation data hub” and expects results by the end of the first quarter or beginning of the second, or within a month or so.

The data hub is getting “lots of interest” from a number of organizations about “how we can establish infrastructure solutions for Big Data to be shared with other partners, airlines, MROs and OEMs,” says Peter Isendahl, a digital fleet solutions executive for Lufthansa Technik.

As the industry grapples with how to efficiently and effectively use the volumes of data that aircraft generate to improve operations, the platforms on which the data is hosted are gaining more attention because it's unlikely that the industry will need dozens of them, yet there is industry concern about data monopolies being formed. 


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