New tail dock at Lufthansa Technik Munich Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik Upgrades Capabilities in Munich

The MRO has added a new tail dock and is investing in other upgrades and additions at the site.

Lufthansa Technik is making infrastructure investments at its Munich base to upgrade the location’s maintenance capabilities. The MRO has put a new tail dock into operations at the base for maintenance work on the Airbus A330, A340 and A350.

“After two years of project phase and three months of construction time, the tail dock enables more efficient and safe handling of the work packages and is an investment in the future of long-haul maintenance operations at the Munich base,” says Holger Beck, senior director of aircraft line maintenance for LHT in Munich.

The €2 million (approximately $2.32 million) tail dock facilitates maintenance work at the rear of long-haul aircraft, allowing maintenance on multiple aircraft types to be carried out simultaneously. The tail dock makes an aircraft’s auxiliary power unit (APU) and vertical and horizontal stabilizer easier to access and provides an ergonomically optimal working position for maintenance staff.

Prior to the addition of the new tail dock, LHT’s Munich base carried out maintenance work for the rear of long-haul aircraft using lifting platforms, which the MRO says did not provide optimum efficiency. In addition to needing to be continually repositioned, LHT says the platforms were not ergonomic and required employees to carry out various tasks with special safety equipment.

LHT currently has several similar tail docks in use across its operations in Germany. The Munich base has a tail dock for the A320 family, and in Frankfurt—the MRO’s largest line maintenance station—there is both a tail dock for the A380 and additional docks for various Boeing and Airbus models. LHT adds that there are various dock systems at the MRO’s overhaul sites.

In addition to the new tail dock, LHT’s Munich base has a number of other infrastructure projects in the pipeline. The first is a major upgrade of the sheet metal and composite workshop to meet the repair needs of Lufthansa’s A350 fleet based in Munich. To enhance maintenance on the A380, the location has also invested in an inflatable mobile tent for engine change, a lift for maintenance work and the installation of two additional hangar doors to enable the hangar to accommodate the aircraft. LHT says it has invested approximately €1.4 million (about $1.6 million) in the workshop upgrade and hangar doors, while the inflatable mobile tent and lift were an investment of about €400,000 (around $465,100).

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