Med-View Boeing 787 MAC Interiors

MAC Interiors Finalizing Full 767 Cabin Modification For Med-View Airlines

Described as a benchmark project for the interior specialist, the modifications work on the Nigerian carrier's aircraft has been done in-house with support from all of MAC's teams.

MAC Interiors is finalizing its full cabin modification project on a Boeing 767 aircraft for Nigerian-based Med-View Airlines, which a spokesman says is a benchmark project for the aircraft interior specialist. According to MAC Interiors board member Andrius Norkevičius, the project has been special because all of the company’s teams, including parent company Magnetic MRO, joined forces. 

Serving as a total technical care partner to Med-View through the project, MAC has been modifying the entire cabin at its UK facility with the support of Magnetic MRO and an unnamed UK MRO provider, which MAC says was one of the key enablers of the project scope. Through this cooperation, MAC says that, unlike past projects, they were not limited to kit supplies and they will be able to release the whole aircraft upon project completion. 

Work on the modifications project started with a refurbishment of the 767’s galley, which MAC touts as one of its core competencies. The project was then expanded to a complete cabin modification, including design of the full concept, lavatory updates, and modification of all business, premium and economy class seats. The modifications work entailed installation of surveillance cameras, cabin lighting, GPS and stowage as well as the production and installation of carpets, curtains and new dividers. Magnetic MRO’s design and production teams provided support through manufacturing soft furnishing and modifying interior kits. The rest of the components were manufactured by MAC.

Rubin Flowers, VP of sales for MAC Interiors, says “the significance of such an experience is unmeasurable” and that the modifications project has been an educational challenge for the company. “We certainly are looking forward to similar business in the near future as we will apply our experience and knowledge from the whole project.”

While the project is still ongoing, the company is close to finishing and releasing the aircraft.

Although the company did not share any definitive plans for future work with Med-View, a spokesperson expressed optimism about working with the airline again. Med-View Airlines CEO Alhaji Muneer Bankole echoed these sentiments and says the company looks forward to working with MAC for future projects.

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