Finnair entrusts Magnetic MRO with painting and refurbishing their ATR fleet 1.jpg

Magnetic Begins Multi-Service MRO Project for Finnair’s ATR Fleet

The agreement announced this week includes painting, cabin refurbishment and Magnetic's first ever base maintenance work on ATR aircraft.

Estonia’s Magnetic MRO has confirmed a contract to carry out a range of services on Finnair’s fleet of 12 ATR 72-500 aircraft at its Tallinn hangar with the first aircraft redelivered to the customer last week.

The agreement covers paint work, which will see the aircraft be the recipients of new liveries and full changes to the aircraft’s interiors. Magnetic MRO says that the work involves producing the largest number of new details for an aircraft that the company has ever done for a single interior project. 

In another milestone, it is the first time Magnetic MRO has provided base maintenance work on ATR-manufactured aircraft. However, this is not the first time the two parties have worked together. Magnetic MRO and Finnair have a partnership dating back 15 years that has also seen the maintenance provider conduct Airbus A320 family maintenance for the carrier during that period.

The aircraft are operated for Finnish flag carrier by Nordic Regional Airlines, a joint venture owned by Finnair and Danish Air Transport, which operates regional flights across Europe.

With work already under way, the rest of the fleet will be completed over the course of this year and the project is expected to reach its completion in the first quarter of 2020.

Juha Ojala, Finnair’s head of engineering, says Magnetic MRO’s location, some 90 km south of Helsinki across the Gulf of Finland, along with recent developments to its painting capabilities, were factors in choosing the company to manage its ATR fleet modification program. 

Magnetic MRO expanded into aircraft painting services in 2015 and after adding another hangar for the service in Tallinn in late 2017, grew its painting space in the Estonian capital to more than 4,000 sq. meters.

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