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Magnetic MRO: Additional CFM56 Offerings Driven By Airline Demand

Estonian company introduced top case repair and bushing replacement services for the engine earlier this month.

Magnetic MRO says its decision to introduce top case repair and bushing replacement services for its CFM56 repair offering followed discussions with airline customers.

The new services, revealed earlier in November, will see the aftermarket provider able to dispatch specialists within 24 hours after receiving a PO from the customer to any location globally to conduct the services on the -3, -5B and -7B variants of the engine.

Filip Stanisic - head of Magnetic MRO’s engine management department, says a gap in the market exists due to relatively few maintenance providers offering the service.

This fact, he adds, often leads to carriers having to wait for week than a week before a team is available to assist with the processes.

“We were approached more than a few times with requests for top case repairs and bushing replacement,” he says. “There has been a few cases in our hangar when there was a need to do repairs like this.”

Magnetic MRO has plans to expand its capabilities for the CFM56, with Stanisic telling MRO-Network earlier this week that it will look to ramp up its offerings for line maintenance on the engine type by next year for a 2019/2020 introduction.

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