Magnetic MRO, Kuehne+Nagel First Engine Hub Up And Running.jpg Magnetic MRO

Magnetic MRO, Kuehne+Nagel First Engine Hub Up And Running

Initial agreement between the Estonian aftermarket provider and Switzerland-headquartered logistics company was signed in October 2016.

The first joint engine hub of Magnetic MRO and Kuehne+Nagel emanating from an October 2016 agreement has commenced operation in Amsterdam.

Beginning this summer, Kuehne+Nagel is now transporting Magnetic MRO-branded engine stands globally from its KN EngineChain hub in the Dutch capital.

The center facilitates CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/B, CFM56-5C, CFM56-7B and V2500 engine stands, with the first one having already been leased out to an unnamed customer.

In the coming months, the partnership plans to expand the engine types to includeCF6-80, CF34-8, CF34-10, PW, Trent and LEAP engines.

Risto Mäeots, CEO of Magnetic MRO, said the Estonian company plans to expand the EngineStands24 project to warehouse locations in Atlanta and Singapore in the near future.

Erik Goedhart, global head of aerospace and industrials at Kuehne + Nagel, added: “This cooperation agreement will enable customers to align engine stand asset management and visibility with the technical status and actual asset value and result in reducing total asset management cost while safeguarding the quality support for these important efforts”.

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