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Magnetic MRO To Launch Painting Hangar in Estonia

Technical care provider Magnetic MRO will launch its second painting hangar in Tallinn, Estonia in 2017.

Magnetic MRO will launch a new dedicated painting hangar at the Tallinn Airport in Estonia. This second painting hangar is scheduled for operation in 2017. 

The new hangar will be built in cooperation with the Tallinn Airport and is a response to the growing demand for painting services from Magnetic MRO customers. 

Magnetic MRO has signed a letter of intent, and preparations have began to build a 2,000-sq.-meter (21,500-sq.-ft.) hangar that includes further expansion possibilities.

The new hangar will be able to house Boeing 737 MAX 9- and Airbus 321neo-sized aircraft. It will be equipped with an overhead crane for lifting engines and be suitable for both painting and ad hoc maintenance services. Painting equipment will include Sherwin-Williams, AkzoNobel, PPG and Mankiewicz systems, and the scaffolding solutions will be designed by Lahyer.


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