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Monarch Ups Apprentice Intake For 2017

UK engineering provider will also expand other areas of its training offering.

UK-based Monarch Airlines Group plans to increase the number of new apprentices in its Monarch Aircraft Engineering division from 18 to 22 in 2017.

Additionally, it also plans to increase the number of adult learner traineeships to 12 – giving people already in the job market the opportunity to retrain in aircraft maintenance.

To date, Monarch said the engineering apprenticeship scheme has trained in excess of 760 technicians.

As part of a strategy to attract more young talent into aviation technical roles, the company said it is also considering ways to raise the profile of STEM subjects to encourage more school-age girls to consider aircraft engineering careers.

Pauline Prow, chief people officer at Monarch said: “Aircraft engineering is a vital, skilled and rewarding career – although not immediately obvious to many.  We hope that by increasing the number of opportunities available to both young people and working adults, we’ll encourage more people to enter this dynamic sector of our economy.”

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