MARANA, AZ - AUGUST 15: Paul Alves works on the landing gear compartment of a Boeing 747 at the Evergreen Air Center August 15, 2005 in Marana, Arizona. This cargo plane is owned by Evergreen. More than 50 clients use the storage facility, which is billed as the world's largest commercial aircraft storage facility. Evergreen currently stores about 260 commercial aircraft. Located in the Southwest's Sonoran desert, Evergreen provides a dry, non-corrosive environment which is needed to store the large commercial airplanes as they await their fate. Some are stored for a short time, while they undergo maintenance at the 350,000 square feet of support shops, including avionics, component overhaul as well as interior refurbishments. Others will be cut up and sold for scrap aluminum, valued at approximately $16,000. The Air Center has a staff of about 650 aircraft technicians at the 1,600 acre facility, located just north of Tucson, Arizona. The technicians are certified to work on any size commercial aircraft, from Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas and regional jet fleets. (Photo by Gary Williams/Getty Images)

MRO Checklist: Awards And Milestones

Milestones for Malaysian aviation industry, Duncan Aviation and Western Aircrafts and an award for Pratt & Whitney PSD









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Contract to produce over 400 mechanics for the Malaysian aviation industry

Lufthansa Technical Training and the APFT Maintenance Training aviation school signed a contract for the training aviation technicians in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over a period of five years, about 400 students from APFT will be trained and qualified as aircraft mechanics (CAT A 1.1) according to EASA specifications. Training will take place at APFT’s facilities and after successful completion, graduates can apply with the European Aviation Safety Agency or one of the national authorities for an EASA CAT A 1.1 license after another 3 years of on-the-job training.


Duncan Aviation’s On-Target Turntime program rolls out with 21 day C check

Duncan Aviation technicians' and managers' On-Target Turntime program was developed to improve efficiency and planning and to ensure accurate out dates for aircraft service work. The first project completed under this program was a Falcon 2000EX with a C check inspection and due items along with EASA II provisioning. The worscope was completed as promised in 21 days, a full week faster than the typical Duncan Aviation turntime for that inspection.


Pratt & Whitney PSD wins Arkansas Recycler of the Year award

Arkansas Recycling Coalition has named Pratt & Whitney PSD, an aircraft engine combustor case repair facility in Springdale, Arkansas, the 2014 Corporate Recycler of the Year. The award honors a corporation that has made a significant contribution to the advancement of waste reduction, recycling and sustainability. The pollution prevention team at Pratt & Whitney PSD has reduced industrial process waste by 73% since 2011 by reverting waste streams. Waste, such as office paper and scrap metal, is sent back to the creator of the product and reused in the final product that the business unit purchases. The facility’s efforts are part of a larger company-wide initiative at Pratt & Whitney to recycle 100 percent of its materials and eliminate industrial process waste as part of the company’s aggressive goals to improve the sustainability of its factories, supplier and products by 2025.


Western Aircraft retools MRO sales team

Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, retooled its MRO sales and service team. With Western Aircraft’s newly expanded facility--26,000 square feet of new space--the company’s employment has increased from 150 to 200 employees. As part of this retooling, sales managers will focus on specific aircraft including Falcon, Hawker, and Challenger. 

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