MRO Checklist: IFE And Connectivity News

New installments and offerings from Honeywell and Rockwell Collins

Photo Credit: Haitex VIP Maintenance 

Honeywell and Haitec to deliver high-speed inflight connectivity for Airbus corporate jets

Honeywell Aerospace signed a memorandum of understanding with Germany-based Haitec Aircraft Maintenance to deliver its JetWave inflight Wi-Fi hardware for two charter Airbus Corporate Jet 319 aircraft owned and operated by Tyrolean Jet Services. Honeywell’s JetWave hardware supports the business aviation service powered by Immarsat’s Global Xpress network, Jet ConneX. JetWave is capable of delivering downlink speeds to the cabin of up to 33mbps for business aircraft and up to 50mbps for air transport aircraft, allowing passengers to utilize videoconference, send and receive large files and stream high quality television and movies while inflight.


Hubei Ali Jiatai airline seats to feature Rockwell Collins PAVES On-Demand IFE

Hubei Ali Jiatai, a China-based airline seat maker, is teaming up with Rockwell Collins to install the PAVES On-demand in-seat inflight entertainment syste. The two companies entered into an agreement to achieve technical offering for the complete IFE seat solution on the next-generation Boeing 737 aircraft.


Honeywell and Thales to offer inflight connectivity to Airbus A350XWB

Honeywell Aerospace and Thales will work together to integrate Honeywell JetWave hardware with Thales cabin network solutions for Airbus A350XWB and other commercial aircraft. The offering provides airline operators and passengers the same connectivity inflight as they would have at home or work. The global high-speed connectivity offering will provide data rates to aircraft of up to 50mbps and will be available with Thales cabin network solution in 2015.


Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Cabin Connect enhanced with new capabilities

Rockwell Collins announced enhancement for its ARINC Cabin Connect, an inflight connectivity platform that will use Inmarsat’s latest generation Ka-broadband service to provide new capabilities to aviation customers. This will increase bandwidth and high-speed connectivity to offer real-time TV and TV-on-demand. Rockwell Collins is also launching a new ARINC Cabin Connect capability that enables passengers to use mobile phones to send and receive SMS text message and make voice calls over the internet while inflight. For airlines, the application will eliminate the need for a separate on-board cell phone network as well as removing the extra weight associated with the hardware typically used with an on-board Wi-Fi network.

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