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MRO Checklist: New Service Contracts

New service contracts from Bluebird Cargo, AJW Aviation, and Southwest Airlines…

Photo Credit: Getty Images

CASL signs contract with AJW Aviation

AJW Aviation contracted China Aircraft Services Limited (CASL) to be a preferred provider of storage and logistics services in Hong Kong. The cooperative agreement will utilize CASL’s logistical hub and be backed up by AJW’s Singapore office to provide a combined resource of aircraft support across the region. AJW will provide aircraft parts pooling services to airlines and CASL will act as a storage and logistics arm of AJW to manage the Airbus and Boeing parts positioned in Hong Kong.


VAS Aero Services enters agreement with Southwest Airlines

VAS Aero Services entered a five-year surplus parts management and distribution agreement with Southwest Airlines to manage the airline’s surplus parts inventory from its fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft. This agreement will give VAS’s global 737 Classic and Next Generation customer base access to an expanded pool of surplus inventory. The inventory distribution will be managed from VAS’s Seattle, Washington facility, which also manages surplus inventory for Boeing. 


Bluebird Cargo awards TP Aerospace Leasing with long-term contract

Bluebird Cargo, an international cargo operator based in Iceland, awarded TP Aerospace Leasing a long-term wheels and brakes cycle flat rate program in support of its fleet of five Boeing 737 cargo aircraft. 

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