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MRO Recruiters Finding Niches For Staffing

With demand for MRO techs growing, staffing agencies are keeping up with technology trends while finding ways to stand out from the competition.

1. Cooperative Network

Company: ATG (Aircraft Technologies Group)


Specifications: Started as a cooperative of technicians, British Columbia-based ATG has evolved into a network of skilled MRO mechanics across the U.S. and Canada specializing in heavy maintenance. ATG’s Aviation NetWorx application enables clients to search the company’s network to find technicians with the skills they need. To keep the pipeline full, ATG also sponsors the Aero Skills Tournament—a competition for individuals and teams of technicians—to find new candidates and encourage development of MRO-related skills.

2. Custom Tailored

Company: APA Services



Specifications: Providing MRO mechanics across all categories, APA Services specializes in customized staffing for its clients, including major MROs and OEMs in the U.S. and abroad, such as AAR, Boeing, Gulfstream and Dassault. This approach, called the Optimal Partner Team Integrated Network (OPT IN), includes deploying on-site teams to meet clients’ specific staffing needs. For one MRO that was opening two new lines, APA provided 275 technicians across all specialties in less than three months, keeping the project on time and on budget.

3. Veterans Wanted

Company: Plane Techs

PT Group

Specifications: Plane Techs, one of the most experienced MRO staffing agencies, provides technicians across all the usual functions and service categories for the commercial, government and business aviation sectors. The company offers staffing in some specialties that are harder to find, including for UAVs and fuel cells. Plane Techs also has been lauded for Working Heroes, its outreach program to recruit veterans for MRO positions, which has helped address the ongoing shortage of experienced MRO workers.

4. Apps for Speed

Company: STS Aviation Group

Specifications: STS has pioneered the use of apps to significantly speed up the staffing process. One app allows candidates to apply for positions in a matter of minutes; another tool, called Key Lime, allows STS recruiters to efficiently and quickly search major employment websites (such as Monster and Indeed) to identify and contact qualified candidates. The company has also formed premium partnerships with LinkedIn, Indeed and others to leverage social media in the search process. As a result, the time needed to fill positions is often reduced from weeks or months to days or even hours.

5. Your Opinion Matters

Company: Reliance Aerotech Services

Specifications: Reliance Aerotech provides staffing across major MRO sectors in the U.S. and Canada. The company conducts periodic surveys and in-depth interviews of clients and contract staff in order to review performance feedback and anticipate MRO trends, client requirements and training/skills gaps. This helps the company stay ahead of the curve in evolving technologies and respond to staff shortages.

6. Across Borders

Company: Qualitair Aviation Group

Specifications: UK-based Qualitair specializes in providing MRO technicians across multiple regulatory regimes in Europe and beyond, as part of the larger Randstad Group. With facilities in the UK and the Netherlands, Qualitair is ramping up to staff for new-generation aircraft heavy checks, including for the Boeing 787 and Embraer 190.


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