MTU’s Canada Business Grows Testing Capabilities

Test cell at MTU Maintenance Canada’s Vancouver facility will be used for testing an expanded number of engine types.

MTU Maintenance Canada, the North American commercial engine specialist, has started operating a new test cell for high-flow pneumatic starter testing capabilities at its facility in Vancouver.

MTU says the new testing equipment is capable of generating up to 1,500 standard cubic feet per minute of continuous flow and 8,000 SCFM of instantaneous flow – placing it among the world’s largest air flow capacities for starter testing.

Since the beginning of last month, MTU has begun testing for CF6-50/-80, V2500 and CFM56-7 starters.

Since then a total of 15 units have been successfully overhauled and tested. Plans are also in place to introduce GE90-110/-115B and CF34-8/-10 starter capabilities.

The GE90 starters will be implemented by the end of 2017, with the CF34 services scheduled for introduction next year.

An MTU spokesperson told MRO Network Daily that the move to install the test cell was driven by a need for high flow testing capabilities.

“While low flow and medium flow parts were handled within the facility’s existing infrastructure, the starter capability is high flow and required additional infrastructure,” they said. The spokesperson also revealed that it plans to further expand its capabilities with more high flow pneumatics valves.

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