Nacelle Manufacturing, Design and Repair Services

Find the right OEM and MRO services for your nacelles.

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1. Nacelle Tooling 

Company: Dedienne Aerospace

Specifications: To kick off 2017, Dedienne Aerospace completed a licensing agreement for Airbus A320neo nacelle tooling. Under the agreement with UTC Aerospace Systems, Dedienne will be the sole provider for the sale, maintenance, calibration, leasing and service of the nacelle’s tooling. Current customers include All Nippon Airways (ANA), Singapore Airlines, Finnair and Asiana, with the tooling delivery to ANA already in progress. Dedienne also holds a nacelle-tooling license for the Airbus A350, and it can complete nacelle-tooling capabilities for other engines, including the International Aero Engines V2500, CFM56-7, CF6-80, GE90 and GEnX.

Credit: Dedienne Aerospace 

2. New Space for Nacelle Maintenance 

Company: AFI-KLM E&M

Specifications: In 2012, Air France Industries-KLM Engineering & Maintenance launched the Helios project, an 18,000-ft.2 aerostructures shop at Le Bourget, near Paris. The shop is equipped with sanding booths, painting booths and autoclaves large enough to service the GE90, GEnX and Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines and nacelles. Specializing in composites, the team is researching and developing a new “blasting gun” with a smart robotic head to sand and collect volatile residues on the engine components. Additionally, in an MRO Lab initiative, the team is experimenting with a “specialized composite peeling-off” tool that uses an abrasive projected waterjet to repair flat surfaces. Lastly, though likely the first step in the repair process, the shop is working on 3-D scanning to detect aircraft damage with increased accuracy and obtain precise measurements compared to more traditional processes. 

3. Maintenance and Repair 

Company: M1 Composites

Credit: M1 Composites

Specifications: M1 Composites, based in Montreal, specializes in maintenance and repair of nacelles and other aerostructures. It services nacelles for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer operators, as well as military and defense customers. The company is approved by the FAA, Transport Canada and the European Aviation Safety Agency and is ISO9001, AS9110 and AS9110-certified. For 2017, the shop is adding capabilities for acoustic panel overhauls and mechanical actuation for thrust reversers. 

4. Technology and Engineering for Repair 

Company: Nordam

Credit: Nordam

Specifications: Nordam manufactures business-jet nacelles (inlets, cowl doors, thrust reversers and exhaust parts) and propulsion systems, and is a third-party provider of in-shop and on-wing component repairs including nacelles. Nordam offers composite-bonding technology, assembly and integration of engine build-up and engineering for repair needs. Manufacturing customers include Bombardier, Learjet, Dassault, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Honeywell and Textron Aviation. For repairs, customers include Airbus, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Delta, FedEx and United Airlines. Nordam also now offers 14-day turnaround repairs for the IAE V2500 nacelle. 

5. Design and Manufacturing for Reduced Costs 

Company: GKN Aerospace

Specifications: GKN Aerospace offers extensive design, development and manufacturing for lipskins, inlets, nozzles and exhausts, external covers, fan ducts, engine mounts and thrust struts, nacelle integration and pylons. GKN is the only vendor of the “spun and machined lipskin,” whereby manufacturing time and tooling costs are reduced, and the machined part meets consistent specifications every time. This manufacturing process is used on the Boeing 737 MAX, 747-8, 777-X and Bombardier, Aircelle, GE and Boeing legacy programs.

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