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Nayak Calm In Face of Possible Hard Brexit Impact

Nayak has taken steps to deal with any difficulties from Brexit.

Jörg Sauerland, managing director of Nayak Aviation Solutions in Germany and Austria, and Marco Smit, managing director of Nayak Netherlands, both say Nayak is prepared for any situation that may arise from the dispute and negotiations over the UK’s exit from the EU.

“Within the Nayak Group, we have applied for a UK 145 repair certificate, and we have made arrangements with UK operators to prevent any possible problems in certification for our services for UK operators,” Sauerland says. The large independent continental MRO also has its engineers with a UK maintenance license getting their license renewed by an EASA-accepted country. “This process is already finished for several weeks.”

Nayak does not foresee any barriers for its UK customers as several backup arrangements inside the UK are in place. “Within our supplier network we are starting to working with less limited suppliers from the UK and, where required, we have already backups in place,” Sauerland says. He still expects that economic concerns in the UK will prevent a hard Brexit from putting up trade barriers.

At present, Nayak does not anticipate any customs delays either to or from the UK. Neither does it expect any tariffs. If the UK does impose tariffs, supplies will be procured from other countries.

On preparations for a hard Brexit, the Nayak execs cite the setting up of European entities by many UK companies. “By having entities they own and control, we believe the suppliers have made the right steps already.”

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