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Nayak Growing Strongly On Expansion Of Line Stations

MRO seeks OEM help in digitizing mechanics, not royalty burdens.

European air traffic is growing moderately, but ambitious MROs can strongly outpace traffic growth. So independent Nayak Aircraft Services is on track to increase its 2019 business 15% above 2018’s level, according to Managing Director Jörg Sauerland.

Much of this growth traces to geographical expansion. Nayak has planned to add about 20 line stations over the next two years. “This is the plan we are currently working on,” Sauerland says. “Currently we are making good progress.”

Since April 2019, Nayak has added line locations in Vienna, Paderborn in Germany, Málaga and Barcelona in Spain, Grenoble/Saint-Geoirs in France and Florence. Very soon the MRO will also be at Palma De Mallorca, Altenrhein in Switzerland, Salzburg and Klagenfurt in Austria, and Venice and Catania in Italy.

Nayak has also recently expanded its portfolio to support the Boeing 737MAX, Airbus A320neos, both engine types, and the A350.

Sauerland is not worried about the impact of the much-delayed Brexit. “As Nayak does not currently have a maintenance station in the UK, Brexit does not seem to hit us.”

The Nayak exec is relieved that Airbus has apparently rescinded its plan for royalty payments for maintenance technical data. “Up to now, we haven´t got any official statement from Airbus about their thoughts. Our customers are valued Airbus customers and have already paid for the approved maintenance data.”

Sauerland says any royalty fee would put an MRO in the position of recharging these fees to operators, which would then be paying twice for the same data. “This would not be in the aftersales interest of Airbus.” And Nayak would have serious concerns about sharing invoices and customer data with Airbus.

Sauerland is very grateful that Airbus invests in digitizing their intellectual property in aircraft data but argues the airframe OEM should focus on new products to help MROs digitize their mechanics. “Augmented reality, in combination with troubleshooting data, is a better way for aftersales markets, in our opinion.”

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