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Nayak Plans To Grow Network By 50% In Three Years

Recruitment challenging, but training and apprentice programs help.

Nayak Aircraft Services is now the largest independent, non-airline affiliated MRO in Europe and plans to grow even larger, it says.

“Nayak will increase the number of stations in all European countries during the next two years,” says Managing Director Jörg Sauerland.

The MRO now has more than 40 stations across the continent, with main bases is Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and Milan as well as a network of line maintenance facilities. The biggest station is Dusseldorf, where Nayak does base maintenance on several aircraft types. Work includes structural repairs, gear changes and heavy maintenance, rather than just C checks.

Nayak also has a fair number of line stations in each of France, Germany and Italy. With the takeover of airberlin technik in 2017, its German facilities are basically those of the old airberlin technik. The MRO is present, but currently less densely present, in Finland, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Russia and Turkey.

Sauerland says the goal is to add about additional 20 stations in the next two years. Growth will concentrate on countries where Nayak currently has few or no stations. Acquisitions will be considered, but only when Nayak’s quality standards can be completely met. “Our own Part 147 training organization and the Nayak network ensures the right people are always working in the right place.”

The type of aircraft supported depends on the stations. Over the entire network, just about all Boeing and Airbus models are supported, with the A320 family and 737s supported at all or almost all stations. A wide variety of regional aircraft are also maintained.

Nayak’s training unit does Part 147 basic and type training, special training, continuation training and training on structural repairs. Simulator classes are conducted on Nayak’s maintenance simulator with a virtual A320 and A330 in Dusseldorf.

Overall, the MRO now employs 650 permanent staff in 13 different countries and is now opening Vienna in Austria, its 14th country.

Sauerland says Nayak definitely faces challenges in recruiting mechanics. “Currently, we have more than 50 open vacancies all over Europe, more than 30 in Germany alone. We are hiring constantly, but the current employment market situation is really difficult.”

So Nayak has decided to start an apprenticeship program in several countries. The goal in the next three years is 20 apprentice per year. In Germany, the apprentices will get three years of vocational training assisted by the equivalent of the local chamber of commerce. “Vocational training in Germany is divided into training on-the-job and theoretical education in vocational training schools,” Sauerland explains. “Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are combined from the very beginning during vocational training.” Apprentices thus learn how to cope with constantly changing company demands in on-the-job training.

Sauerland is confident Nayak has the assets for further growth: “huge experience in line and heavy maintenance, knowledge of airline operational needs and more than 170 satisfied customers.” Nayak’s operations in Italy, France and The Netherlands enjoy more than 45 years of experience. In Germany, the units based on the former airberlin Technik and LTU Technik support 130 aircraft for more than 30 customers and have 65 years of maintenance experience. “There is no other independent MRO with this wide range of experience, huge station network and the economic strength needed to satisfy our customers.”

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