New Aftermarket Products To Heighten Safety, Lower Costs

New or enhanced products that are geared to the MRO community are featured.

Many new products have been developed during the last year to improve safety and curtail costs for MRO companies. Some new products that aid a variety of MRO functions include mobile devices, interior modifications, runway software and primers.


1. Added Thrust Reverser Services

Company: Hawker Pacific Aerospace

Product: Airframe Related Component Shop

Specifications: Hawker Pacific Aerospace opened an ARC (Airframe Related Component) shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and broadened its product portfolio by adding thrust reverser services. The new shop encompasses more than 12,000 sq. ft. and is able to serve 6-8 thrust reversers concurrently. The facility is equipped with tooling and equipment necessary to perform customized thrust reverser overhaul work scopes. Hawker Pacific Aerospace already has received the first five thrust reverser units (V2500) from launch customer Spirit Airlines.

LINK #1027

2. Evaluating the Stress of Installations

Company: W.L. Gore & Associates

Product: Cable Installation Simulator

Specifications: W.L. Gore & Associates developed a cable installation simulator to evaluate the stress of installation on microwave airframe assemblies. This simulator minimizes the risk of cable assembly damage or failure during installation. By comparing signal integrity before and after installation, Gore can engineer assemblies that withstand airframe installation as well as the demands of an aircraft’s flight envelope.

LINK #1028

3. Skydrol Resistant Primer

Company: Sherwin-Williams

Product: Chrome Hazard-Free Epoxy Flexible Primer

Specifications: Sherwin-Williams introduced a new aerospace primer, Chrome Hazard-Free Epoxy Flexible Primer (CM0483790), which is designed to be a corrosion inhibitor. The two-component primer provides adhesion to treated substrates. Designed to meet performance properties and chemical resistant specification requirements of leading OEM manufacturers, it has Skydrol resistance on its own without the need for a top coat, providing increased chemical resistance in case the topcoat is scratched, dented or damaged. CM0483790 is qualified to AMS 3095 certification and meets U.S. volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations that require a 2.9 lb./gal. VOC primer in aircraft maintenance painting settings.

LINK #394

4. On The Line

Company:  Malabar

Product: Fluid Dispensers

Specifications: Malabar supplies 2-gal. fluid dispensers for the business jet market that are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The dispensers are built for turbine oil, Skydrol, HyJet and other fluids. Malabar is also a supplier of ground-support equipment and their product line includes axle and tripod jacks, tail support stanchions, weight equipment, recovery equipment, wheel/brake service trailers, nitrogen, oxygen and strut service carts, fluid dispensers and fluid service units.

LINK #758

5. High-Tech Measuring

Company: GE Measurement & Control

Product: VideoProbe

Specifications: GE’s new hand-held VideoProbe with 3-D phase measurement detects visual indications such as corrosion, blockages and cracking. With analysis and Wi-Fi connectivity, the precise detection abilities of the borescopes streamline the inspection process and help to ensure the safety of assets while reducing downtime. Designed for various industries, the VideoProbe has a touchscreen interface, on-screen keyboard and ergonomic buttons. The menu guides users through the inspection process and organizes results for simplified reporting. Users can also create and customize profile setups for multiple users and applications on this device. 

LINK #1033

6. Find The Leak

Company: Spectronics

Product: Fluid Leak Detection Kit

Specifications: The ALK-365 aviation fluid leak detection kit from Spectronics helps find leaks in aviation fuel, lubrication and hydraulic systems. Viable for nearly all petroleum and synthetic-based lubricants and fluids, the kit includes a cordless and rechargeable Optimax 365 UV LED leak-detection flashlight designed to be four times brighter than other high-intensity UV lamps. The kit also includes an 8-oz. bottle of Aero-Brite universal fluorescent dye and an 8-oz. bottle of GLO-AWAY dye cleaners, smart AC and DC chargers, rubber lamp protector, a belt holster and UV-absorbing glasses.

LINK  #441

7. Getting Tougher

Company: Panasonic

Product: Toughpad FZ-G1

Specifications: Panasonic upgraded its Toughpad FZ-G1 fully-ruggedized 10-in. tablet this year with additional features and functionality. This Toughpad offers 25% longer battery life and an optional bridge battery. It features a faster fourth-generation Intel CoreTM i5 vPRoTM processor, the advanced Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro update and a single battery that provides up to 10 hr. of continuous use.

LINK #379

8. Electronically Dimmable Windows

Company: Vision Systems

Product: Nuance Ultra Dark

Specifications: Vision Systems has designed a new electronically dimmable window product line called Nuance Ultra Dark. The Nuance solution dims instantly and gradually from clear to dark and reduces light, glare and heat entering the aircraft. Nuance Ultra Dark offers a wide amplitude of range between clear and dark, and the solar protection system includes a light and thin composite glass called X-lite and a scratch-resistant dust panel. This system can be engaged from a control panel or a personal device such as a tablet.

LINK #1029

9. Valve Protection

Company: Pall Corp.

Product: PV100 PUREAir Bleed Air Filters

Specifications: Pall Corp.’s next-generation protection for bleed air components for CFM’s CFM56-7 aircraft engines received an FAA supplemental type certificate allowing operators to install the equipment on CFM56-7-powered Boeing 737 aircraft. The PV100 filters offer protection for the high-pressure shutoff valve, pressure-regulating shutoff valve, precooler control valve, high-stage regulator and the bleed air regulator from contamination-induced failures and wear.

LINK #1030

10. Sitting Pretty

Company: Skandia

Product: 9G-EC Seat Foam

Specifications: Skandia introduced a new replacement seat foam for older 9G-certified aircraft seating. The 9G-EC is a pre-engineered seat foam cushion block made entirely of DAX foam. The major benefit of this seat foam is the comfort for passengers, as the Skandia engineers designed “negative space” and “custom foam architecture” into the seating, allowing for softer compression and greater support.

LINK #1031

11. Runway Protection

Company: Xsight Systems

Product: FODetect Solution

Specifications: Xsight Systems offers a means of automated foreign-object detection (FOD), FODetect Solution, to help enhance airport runway safety. Its hybrid optical-radar sensing technology helps to detect foreign objects and wildlife hazards on airport runways. The company offers installation, design assistance, software and implementation services along with interface development and reporting and training. FODetect is collocated with runway edge lights and helps to improve runway safety, operational efficiency and can increase runway capacity.

LINK #1032

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