New Lighted Aircraft Display Logos from Aircelle

Aircelle unveiled its new electro-luminescent aircraft display that allows companies to place logos and ads on aircraft in lights.

Aircelle, part of Safran, developed a method to display logos and advertising on aircraft with thin electro-luminescent markings. This new lighting display unveiled its first appearance on an Airbus A380.

Flying the night on June 8, the A380 was outfitted with an Aircelle electro-luminescent display depicting the Airbus logo. The flight illustrated the brightness, clarity and readability of the new display.

The “Illuminate the Sky by Aircelle” patented solution, which uses on-board electrical power, can be modified and reprogrammed for a variety of images and messages to be displayed and changed. It can be changed to show graphics, patters and animations and it able to be placed almost anywhere on an aircraft. 

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