CFM56-5B thrust reverser Airbus/NEL

Nordam To Repair Finnair Thrust Reversers

The airline’s CF6-80E1 and CFM56-5B thrust reversers will be repaired at Wales-based Nordam Europe Limited.

Nordam has announced an exclusive four-year contract with Finnair for the overhaul of CF6-80E1 and CFM56-5B thrust reverser halves on the airline’s A320 and A330 aircraft. The thrust reverser halves, which provide deceleration after touchdown by diverting engine thrust forward, are being repaired at Wales-based Nordam Europe Limited (NEL)—a repair station joint venture between Nordam and GE Aircraft Engine Services.

According to T. Hastings Siegfried, NEL chief operating officer, Nordam has worked with Finnair on other components and programs for 17 years and the company’s extensive experience supporting thrust reversers worldwide was key to this repair support agreement. 

“Our unique position as the only authorized repair station for the CF6 platform through our established GE Middle River Aircraft Systems agreement is a great advantage for Finnair,” says Siegfried. “That, combined with NEL’s proximity, flexibility and inclusion of dedicated assets for these two engine programs made Nordam the right choice for them.”

According to Nordam, the company has previously performed repairs to the reversers and nacelles on Finnair’s older MD11 CF6-80C2 powered fleet. Nordam also supported repairs to Finnair’s MD80-JT8-200 inlet cowls.

Scheduled maintenance on the CF6-80E1 and CFM56-5B thrust reversers began at the start of the contract in May. Nordam says it will take approximately four years to conclude both CFM and CF6 repair requirements.

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