OEMServices Enters New Partnership

Cooperation with Singapore-based component specialist Thompson Robbins will explore Asia-Pacific opportunities.

OEMServices has signed an agreement with Thompson Robbins Components aimed at exploring parts service opportunities with airline operators in the Asia-Pacific region.

OEMServices, a joint venture between four French OEMs, said its key aims are to address the increasing complexity of inventory, maintenance and cost management by finding ways to link aircraft operators and OEMs.

In a statement released on Sept. 1., OEMServices said the partnership with Singapore-based Thompson Robbins, which also provides ground support equipment and airport vehicles, is a good fit due to both parties’ existing expertise.

Noting the overall growth of the Asia-Pacific region from this year up until 2035, Didier Granger, president and CEO of OEMServices, said that there remains scope for more partnerships similar to the one signed with Thompson Robbins.

“We believe that Asia Pacific is likely to be a key centre of growth for the aviation industry and as such, we seek to firmly establish our presence and leadership in such a key market,” he said.

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