Online Veteran PartsBase Upgrades Platform

PartsBase adds supply and demand graphs, as well as e-commerce buttons.

Suddenly, or perhaps not so suddenly, lots of new online platforms for the aircraft aftermarket seem to be sprouting. “Everyone wants to be PartsBase of ILS,” jokes Tyler Wilson, business development manager for PartsBase. It’s hard to match the volume of this 22-year-old part searching tool, but competition is good, and even solid market veterans are upping their game.

In May, PartsBase released its new platform, with more data and a dashboard customized for each user. 

Every search on PartsBase yields a picture of the parts, traceability documents, OEM and part serial number. The company is putting in an e-commerce button that will take the satisfied searcher to the offering company’s website where the actual transaction can be done.

“We don’t deal with actual transactions,” Wilson explains. “We use APIs for integration.”

The PartsBase exec says the big news is the new dashboard with supply and demand graphs. “It’s been a long time coming, and it helps the buyers.”

The new features come on top of what Wilson says is the largest part platform, with 2.8 million page view per month and 115 million lines of inventory. Both the old and new features of PartsBase will be showcased at the next annual PartsBase conference, in Miami in 2020.

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