PEMCO Receives UAEAC Certification

PEMCO Receives UAEAC Certification

PEMCO has been given operation certification from Columbian aviation authority Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aviación Civil (UAEAC), enabling the US-headquartered firm to work on aircraft registered in the country.

In a statement released on Tuesday (October 4), the narrowbody and regional jet specialist has been certified in six categories by UAEAC, including Classs II limited airframe and Class III limited powerplant.

Ernie Kiss, VP of quality and engineering, described the certification as “a major step for our facility” while demonstrating PEMCO’s “hard work to further our capabilities”.

Pastor Lopez, the Tampa-based company’s CEO, added: “A number of operators have shown interest in our company obtaining Colombian certification.

"We have now expanded our MRO capabilities to South America and will continue to provide quality service based on our four fundamental cornerstones.”

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