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Pratt & Whitney Unveiling New MRO Service Brand

The engine OEM on April 25 is unveiling EngineWise to provide more predictive and responsive aftermarket services.

Pratt & Whitney will unveil a new approach to aftermarket service on April 25 that is designed to provide more predictive and responsive solutions to customers, says Eva Azoulay, vice president for engine services.

The new service brand, EngineWise, reflects Pratt & Whitney’s mandate to support the existing and emerging fleet, quickly evolve digital capabilities and meet customer desires for tailored MRO support for the 10,500 Pratt & Whitney engines in service across 400 operators around the world, she says.

There are two constants, Azoulay says, despite the fleet diversity and need for more customized solutions: “Change is here to stay, and knowledge and intelligence is the way we’re going to stay ahead of that change.” She says by bringing together its people, technology and infrastructure through EngineWise, the company can better adapt to customer’s needs and evolve its data and analytics capabilities faster.

EngineWise also leverages United Technologies Digital, which launched an accelerator in New York last month to “unleash” the big data opportunities across the company’s businesses. Azoulay says that in-house analytics expertise should help Pratt & Whitney deploy faster predictive and analytical outputs.

“We’re not perfect. There are opportunities for us to improve our services and capabilities,” she says. “We’re trying to say with EngineWise that we are leveraging to get better” and not doing it on their own, says Azoulay. To tackle this, Pratt plans to more actively communicate with and “address problems hand in hand with customers,” increase the number of engine symposiums and councils, hold more face-to-face meetings and distribute newsletters to share knowledge.

The new philosophy extends to working collaboratively with its suppliers and partners, as well. “EngineWise reflects that approach. It’s about doing it together—not on our own,” says Azoulay.

The new MRO approach is also driven by Pratt & Whitney’s need to hire “25,000 new employees over the next decade to support our growth,” says Azoulay. That is on top of the 4,500 hired since 2015 to support the onset of V2500 MRO work and the introduction of the geared turbofan. “EngineWise should help increase the capability of that team quickly,” says Azoulay.

Pratt & Whitney is already increasing its use of virtual reality in training and introducing video borescoping for field service assistance to deploy virtual assistance in real time.

In the near future, expect to see Pratt & Whitney develop new services that “fill the gap” between time and material and power-by-the hour packages, adaptive solutions for leased fleets and Enhanced Flight-data Acquisition Storage Transmission (EFAST) tools to provide in-service engines more predictive capability.

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