Products On Display At MRO Americas

More than 800 companies exhibited at MRO Americas. Here are some of the products showcased.

1. Mobile Crane Cart

Company: Syclone Attco Service 

Product:  Sky Hook



Specifications: Capable of lifting up to 500 lb., this cart provides aircraft workers with a portable lifting solution that can prevent injuries and assist in maneuvering hard-to-reach loads. Originally designed for CNC applications, the Model 8570 Sky Hook can reach into equipment by using a counter weight to balance the load. The device also is equipped with a 360-deg. rotation without legs extended beneath the load.

LINK# 1142


2. High-Thermal-Stability Fleet Oil

Company: Eastman

Product: Turbo Oil 2197

Specifications: Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces a range of products found in items people use every day. Eastman Aviation Solutions bring together Eastman Turbo Oils, Skydrol, aviation hydraulic fluids and SkyKleen aviation solvents to provide industry-leading products, technical resources and dedicated support to its aviation customers. Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 has more than 300 million hours of inflight experience and is a widely used high-thermal-stability fleet oil.

LINK# 1009

3. Automated Compressed Air Foam Systems

Company: Red Dog Services

Product: Air Foam Systems

Specifications: Red Dog Services offers a line of automated compressed air foam systems in its Watchdog line. Watchdog Systems monitor locations for fire and automatically dispense fire-suppression foam when flames are detected. These systems work well for aircraft hangars as supplementary systems under National Fire Protection Association Code 409 6.2.3

LINK# 1040

4. Self-Contained, Outdoor Cooling System

Company: Power Breezer

Product: Power Breezer

Specifications: The Power Breezer is a self-contained and mobile outdoor cooling system. It cools a 3,000-sq.-ft. area by up to 27F. It is designed to cool outdoor or partially covered spaces without getting people and equipment furnishings wet. The system has passed Military Standard 810-G for rain, dust and sand storms, and high heat and humidity as well as the Navy’s salt fog test.

LINK# 1132

5. Automatic Aircraft Wheel Washer

Company: Proceco

Product: Wheel Washer

Specifications:  Proceco’s automatic aircraft wheel washer is a recirculating, hot aqueous cleaning solution. It works with a power spray on wheel surfaces while a rotating brush scrubs the tire bead seat area to remove rubber deposits. Wheels exit the washer free of carbon, grease and rubber—making them ready for inspection, according the company. The washer is designed to clean wheels of any size.

LINK# 1039

6. Avionics Specific Test and Measure Equipment

Company: Adaptive Interconnect Electronics

Product: Master Aero Service Kit with Instruments

Specifications: The Adaptive Interconnect Electronics kit contains avionics-specific test-and-measuring equipment for MRO uses. Among the 68 pieces are aero-specific test leads (Sizes 12-22) and coaxial cable adapters. This product is packaged in a military-grade, shock-resistant, airtight, waterproof tool case. Compartments are prelabeled for easy tool identification.

LINK# 1159 

7. Electrical Interface Signals

Company: Bauer

Product: MTS7000

Specifications: Bauer’s new electronic test system, the MTS7000, provides electrical interface signals to a wide range of aircraft and engine accessories serving as an electronic engine control or full-authority digital engine control simulator in the testing of fuel controls, hydromechanical and fuel-metering units.

LINK# 1156

8. Dual-Sided Flying Prober

Company: Seica

Product: Pilot 4DV8

Specifications: Seica’s Pilot 4DV8 is a dual-sided flying prober focusing on product markets, including product introduction tests, repair and reverse engineering, and failure and product validation. With its high-resolution color cameras and automatic test program, the system is designed to provide a quick, thorough means to allow customers to test products. With additional flying resources such as a thermal scan, LED test, functional Quick Test and boundary scan, the Pilot line can be a one-stop experience for flying prober tests.

LINK# 966


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