Protecting Aircraft And Technicians Working At-Height

These fall-protection and workplace access products enable safer, more flexible work during aircraft maintenance and assembly.

1. Protecting Against Aircraft Damage

Company: Mantec Services

Specifications: Mantec Services offers customized safety bumper products for providing protection against damage to aircraft and injuries to personnel. The bumpers, which are made from dense polyurethane foam, are installed on industrial equipment such as platforms, lifts and workstations and are used by a wide variety of aviation customers such as Boeing, Southwest Airlines and Tug. The company recently introduced a new magnetic bumper product that can be easily moved between pieces of equipment, which Mantec says is ideal for rental equipment and mobile applications.

2. Maneuverable Aircraft Access

Company: Semmco

Specifications: British engineering specialist Semmco designs and manufactures a variety of aviation maintenance platforms and steps, which provide access to sections of aircraft such as engines, APUs, wheel bays and landing gears. Semmco says the products feature lightweight aluminum design that is resistant to corrosion while being easy to maneuver. The company recently opened a new North American hub in Arlington, Texas, to service local customers and just won the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

3. Safe Boeing 777X Access

Company: Liftsafe Fall Protection

Specifications: Liftsafe Fall Protection provides a range of tailored safety products for accessing maintenance areas of aircraft, such as the company’s new Aircraft Maintenance and Engine Access Stand for the Boeing 777X. The stand—which enables safe access to nose cowls, fan cowls and pylon disconnect zones—features anti-fatigue ladder rungs instead of traditionally narrow ladder rungs to ensure employee comfort while changing line replaceable units, adjusting components or connecting/disconnecting engines and nacelles. The company’s products are used by a wide variety of airlines and OEMs, including Air New Zealand, American Airlines, Boeing and GE Aviation.

4. Vacuum-Based Fall Protection

Company: Mine Safety Appliances

Specifications: MSA’s WinGrip system provides portable, vacuum-based fall protection for up to four technicians performing elevated work on aircraft. WinGrip can be vacuum-sealed to aircraft wings, fuselages or stabilizers. Workers wearing full-body harnesses attach to the system using adjustable work-positioning ropes, which enable hands-free access for at-height maintenance. MSA says WinGrip has been used by hundreds of global customers since 1999, ranging from OEMs and MROs to airlines and militaries.

5. Customizable Access for Assembly and Maintenance

Company: SafeRack

Specifications: SafeRack’s AeroStep is a specialized line of rolling stairs and access platforms for the aerospace industry. The company says AeroStep features the stability of a fixed platform with the mobility for precise positioning, providing safe access to aircraft during assembly or maintenance. AeroStep units can be adapted to a customer’s requirements and feature cantilevered and adjustable stairs. SafeRack says AeroStep is currently in use at Boeing, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin.

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