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PTR Explores Middle Eastern Repair Opportunities

Miami-based service provider sees potential in the region.

Having taken over the reigns as CEO of Aerospace Resource Group (ARG) in September 2017, Candido Sosa Jr. plans for its component repair subsidiary Professional Technology Repair (PTR) to explore opportunities in the Middle East in the coming years.

PTR is one of two businesses under the ARG umbrella along with Professional Sales & Logistics Services (PSL). It runs two FAA-certified repair stations: one in Miami where it carries out a number of component repairs on commercial aircraft, and another facility in Santiago, Chile, where it conducts parts repair and overhaul services on military aircraft.

“The Middle East much like the Asia market is interesting for us as it’s growing at such an impressive rate,” he told at MRO Middle East in Dubai last week. “We’re looking to grow our understanding of the market along with increasing our visibility in the region.”

Sosa believes the opportunities in the Middle East are plentiful, and as of now, ARG’s next step is to discover exactly where it can find its niche in the region. One segment it will likely look towards is the repair opportunities around the region’s sizeable widebody aircraft fleet.

“Once aircraft come out of warranty, there is an open market for repair stations and that’s where companies like us come into play,” he adds.     

In Miami, he estimates PTR is running at around 70% capacity at present, and visiting the Middle East serves as an important step towards amending existing relationships while forming potentially new ones.

With an eye of its future, PTR revamped some of its existing 55-strong Miami workforce towards the end of last year. Sosa says it has added to the inside sales team and brought in new mechanics, while also appointing a new director of operations and a director of its structures department.

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