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Publisher’s Letter: What Makes ap&m Europe Different

Airline purchasing & maintenance (ap&m) is the flagship Meet the Buyer networking event in Europe.

The world of events is a bustling, busy place. With more and more launching each year, organizers constantly shift, tweak and maneuver their events to achieve that “must-attend” status.

Face-to-face networking is undoubtedly the best way to drive new business and develop existing business relationships, which is why events continue to grow across the globe, especially in an industry as sociable and fast paced as aviation.

But is simply providing that opportunity enough? Are there other intangibles that play a part?

ap&m Europe, organized by Aviation Week Network, is an event that places heavy emphasis on the power of networking. What sets airline purchasing & maintenance (ap&m) apart is the unique atmosphere it has forged since its launch in 2003 to achieve one thing--provide the perfect platform for buyers and suppliers to do business.

While other shows are often used as a shop front to display products and services, ap&m Europe focuses more on getting the hard to reach buyers to the show and enabling exhibitors to spend more time with each of them.

The range of exhibitors as a result is far broader, with a variety of tiers and sizes represented, from large MROs and OEMs to technology providers, with many SMEs choosing ap&m Europe as a launch pad into the lucrative aviation industry.

A key element of ap&m Europe is the Meet the Buyers program. Speed networking between buyers and suppliers is a thing of beauty; around 100 buyers from airlines, MROs, OEMs and lessors are seated in a dedicated area on the exhibition hall, with waves of meetings taking place in 10-minute intervals.

What’s more is that these meetings are far from random--the capabilities of suppliers and purchasing interests of the buyers are matched pre-show, meaning those 10 minutes are a golden opportunity to win new business or negotiate existing business.

From the VIP welcome reception the evening before the show, to the many networking functions on the show floor, ap&m generates an informal, sociable setting to allow business relationships to flourish.

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