Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Airways And Shell IntroduceNnew Jet Fuel

Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar Airways and Shell have introduced a new aviation jet fuel. GTL Jet Fuel is a blend of up to 50 per cent GTL synthetic parafinic kerosene (SPK) and conventional jet fuel derived from crude oil (Jet A-1). The synthetic blend component (GTL Kerosene) in the fuel contains little sulphur and has been shown to produce lower particulate emissions in comparison to Jet A-1. GTL Jet Fuel meets the latest international aviation standards and is now being used at Doha International Airport after being blended with SPK at Pearl GTL, a gas-to-liquids plant jointly developed by QP and Shell. An A340–600, flight QR001, will be the first to fly outbound from Doha International Airport using GTL Jet Fuel.

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