Revima Competes With Global Giants In Smarter APU Maintenance

Independent MRO Revima expands to Asia and acquires an ERP system.

Predictive maintenance today is dominated by OEMs and full service, global MROs--but specialized MROs also offer competitive solutions.

For example, Revima is an independent MRO specializing in auxiliary power units (APU), engine parts and landing gear. It offers predictive maintenance for APUs, and on Airbus A380s, that can save up to $30,000 per aircraft per year, even without counting savings from avoiding disrupted operations and high-cost repairs, according to Mimi Correa, director of fleet management. Cost savings on other aircraft models will differ.

Revima uses APU sensor data on quantity, pressure and temperature of APU oil, exhaust gas temperature, fuel flow, bleed pressure, time to start, generator loads, battery voltage and other metrics to make predictions. Also important are non-sensor data on ambient temperature.

Correa says accuracy of predictions depend on type of failure, amount of data available and how far in the future predictions are made. “Solutions can be very good at predicting events five to 10 days away from operational effect or BITE [built-in-test equipment] message and less confident the further away from the failure.”

Most frequently, predictive maintenance results in removing a part; inspecting for leaks, damage or debris; scheduling APU removal or simply continued monitoring.

Revima offers it APU service in a variety of ways. With some airlines, Revima provides its predictive tools and data, and airline staff complete the analysis, recommendations and predictive algorithms. For other airlines, the company develops all algorithms, sets up alerts, customizes dashboards for each carrier and makes maintenance recommendations.

Correa stresses Revima’s predictive tools are highly accurate and come with prescriptive recommendations. Digital data analytics make it easy to detect anomalies today. Adding these advantages to system expertise justifies strong confidence in failure warnings and maintenance prescriptions. Further, integrating predictive maintenance with material planning enables airlines to have the right part inventories to keep APUs available.

Solutions like this are helping the privately owned, €300-million a year Revima expand and upgrade its operations. Revima is establishing a new MRO facility in Thailand for landing gear and has chosen IFS Applications 10 to help with its international expansion and support complex maintenance operations.

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