Robots Moving Small Parts At Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik’s Hamburg facility invested three million euros in a new system to store and retrieve parts.

Nineteen robots are now in action storing and receiving small parts at Lufthansa Technik’s Hamburg facility. The company commissioned AutoStore for its automatic storage and retrieval rack system.

“AutoStore” consists of plastic containers stacked on top of each other. Robots travel on aluminum base frames to retrieve items from stock then transport them to seven picking stations. The system is capable of 75 stock inputs and up to 200 stock outputs per hour.

Compared with the legacy system, the compact storage concept saves 50% more space. The automated storage extends to 700 square meters with 24,000 containers accommodating 215,000 batches.

Implementing this technology is part of Lufthansa Technik’s ongoing modernization program.  The company invested more than three million euros in the AuroStore system in the last two years. Other recent investments at Lufthansa Technik include the construction of a new engine overhaul center, a separate building to house the new “Original Equipment Innovation” product division and a new chemistry lab.

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