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Rolls-Royce Continues Aftermarket Services Ramp-Up

Engine maker adds portal to aid customer product decision making.

Rolls-Royce has continued the ramp up of its commercial aftermarket services by adding a new offering designed to better inform customer-decision making when selecting one of its maintenance programs.

The British engine manufacturer announced its new CareStore solution on Monday (Mar. 6), and says that the digital portal will provide customers with a greater understanding of available services.

CareStore is the latest in a string of aftermarket changes made by Rolls-Royce in the past few years, with the company making no secret of the fact that greater customer flexibility and choice are driving its actions.

In aftermarket services, the past year has proved particularly significant for the business. In January 2016 it unveiled SelectCare, a services offering targeting operators of mature aircraft types. So far, the likes of American Airlines, Lufthansa and Icelandair have signed up to cover their older jets.

Following the SelectCare announcement one year later was LessorCare, a package aimed at aircraft leasing companies, which now own or manage a growing share of the global fleet. These added to other packages include variants of the TotalCare program: Life and Flex. 

Dominic Horwood, Rolls-Royce, director, customers and services – Civil Aerospace, says CareStore will allow customers to select the right service for their needs. Possibly signalling its future intentions, Horwood adds that Rolls will look to further implement customer-driven services.

“This is just the beginning and we will continue to listen to our customers and develop our services so that whatever our customers need is right there in the CareStore for them,” he says.

Considering services accounted for more than half of Rolls-Royce’s £7 billion ($8.5 billion) annual revenues in 2016, performing strongly in what was a challenging year for the OEM, new additions such as CareStore are a significant.

OEMs making changes to their aftermarket services are also becoming established industry trends, with the likes of Boeing and Embraer among the major players switching up their service offerings in the past few months.

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