Rulemaking Committee Proposes New Certification Rules

The Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) has revealed its suggestions to change regulations governing aircraft certification. The ARC has recommended new methods of certifying both new performance-based Part 23 aircraft and aftermarket modifications. New rules would focus on the “complexity and performance of an aircraft instead of the current regulations based on weight and type of propulsion”, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which assembled the ARC, said. It proposed different requirements for “small, relatively simple airplanes” than to “more complex aircraft”. It added that the framework should have the ability to be easily amended so that it can keep up to date with technological advancements. “Streamlining the design and certification process could provide a cost-efficient way to build simple airplanes that still incorporate the latest in safety innovations,” the Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, said. “These changes have the potential to save money and maintain our safety standing – a win-win situation for manufacturers, pilots and the general aviation community as a whole.” The FAA will review the ARC’s recommendations.

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