Aeroflot Aircraft 2016 Sergey Tchernyakov
2016.10.22 (9:44)

Russia At MRO Capacity: Huge Opportunity For Improvement

According to Infomost Consulting, the gap in MRO capacity for Russia is closing, but could use significant improvement.

Is there a lack of MRO capacity in Russia? 

Boris Rybak, director for Infomost Consulting, says, “There is definitely a lack of MRO capacity in Russia right now. Especially in the following areas: engine MRO, component MRO and widebody aircraft MRO. Lack of capacity is ranging between 70% and 97%. The gap is closing, but there is a huge opportunity for improvement.” Rybak spoke on the "Leader Insight Panel: MRO in the BEER Region" session at MRO BEER, in Sofia, Bulgaria, on May 10.

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