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S7 Technics Adds Engine Wash Capability

Russian MRO expands offerings with Lufthansa Technik developed Cyclean service.

Russian MRO S7 Technics has confirmed the addition of engine wash services to its portfolio.

From its maintenance base at Moscow Domodedovo airport, the company has launched Cyclean engine washing services, a concept developed by Lufthansa Technik focusing on washing an aircraft engine's core.

S7 will offer the service on the CFM56-5A, -5B and -7B variants, the CF34-8 and for IAE's V2500 engine. However, the Cyclean service is universal and can also be applied to newer engine types such as the CFM LEAP and the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan. 

“At present we work with seven engine types, which our main customers either operate or plan to start operating in the near future," says Nikita Babkin, S7 Technics director, engine services. Babkin says the company could also build up capability for engine types powering widebody aircraft such as the Airbus A330, Boeing 747, 767 and 777.

S7 said customers at Domodedovo will be able to order the engine wash service either separately or as part of an aircraft maintenance agreement. While initially being offered at a sole Moscow location, the company confirmed it may also look to expand the service to airlines operating at other airports in the Russian capital.

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