S7 Technics Adds New CFM56 Repair Capabilities.jpg S7 Technics

S7 Technics Adds New CFM56 Repair Capabilities

Engine services to be added at MRO’s Domodedovo Airport shop.

S7 Technics has won approval to carry out complete disassembly and reassembly on CFM56-5B and -7B engine types from its facility at Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

Following the certification by Russia’s regulators, S7’s new repair capabilities include high and low pressure compressor and turbine units, replacement of combustion chambers and high pressure turbine nozzles on the engine types.

The -5B powers the Airbus A320 and the -7B is found on the Boeing 737.

Alexey Starkov, head of S7 Technics' engine repair shop, said S7 Technics identified a growth in Russian engine demand, so turned to Swiss MRO partner SR Technics in order to ramp up its capabilities.

“One year into operations after launch in 2016 we realized that the demand for engine repair services in Russia and CIS market had surged. And there were some requests that were not covered by our capabilities,” he said.

Aviation Week’s Fleet & MRO Forecast estimates around $4.3 billion of MRO spend on the CFM56-5B and -7B variants over the next decade in Russia alone.

In addition to its new capabilities, the S7 Technics name was also introduced to the business last month, with Engineering Holding switching to the S7 Technics name. It will continue to run two other business units, S7 Engineering and Sibir Technics which specialize in airframe maintenance at locations in Russia.

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