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S7 Technics Grows Wheel Repair Work With Gazprom Avia

The all-Russian agreement will see the MRO repair 737-700, Superjet 100 aircraft wheels.

Maintenance provider S7 Technics has signed a new agreement which increases the output of its wheel repair work for Russian corporate airline Gazprom Avia by 35%.

The contract, signed last month, will see S7 Technics carry out wheel-related repairs on the carrier’s fleet of three Boeing 737-700 and 10 Sukohi Superjet 100 aircraft.

Work will be carried out from S7 Technics base at Domodedovo airport in Moscow, where Gazprom Avia has had its headquarters since forming in 1995. The carrier operates a fleet of 21 aircraft along with a 106-strong helicopter fleet.

In addition to the repairs, S7 Technics’ logistics group will arrange for delivery of components to the repair base as well as back to the airline. Under previous arrangements between the two parties, S7 Technics repaired 81 wheels.

Earlier this year, S7 Technics revealed that it repaired in excess of 3,400 wheels in 2018.

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