S7 Technics CFM56 engine repair shop in Mineralnye Vody S7 Technics

S7 Technics Triples CFM56 Engine Repair Capabilities

The MRO provider’s new Mineralnye Vody engine repair shop is helping it meet growing demand in the Russia and CIS region with capability to service up to four CFM56 engines at once.

S7 Technics has tripled its CFM56 engine repair capabilities in Russia and the CIS region thanks to the launch of its second repair shop.

The new shop, which began operations in June, was established at the MRO provider’s southern base at Mineralnye Vody Airport. According to a representative for S7 Technics, the company renovated an existing maintenance facility it owned at the location to perform engine quick turn repairs and redelivery.

“The number of redelivery checks at Mineralnye Vody is on a steady rise and with such projects often revealing the need for engine repair works, the opening of this new facility at Mineralnye Vody will help reduce the overall time required for redelivery checks,” says Viktor Rusin, chief of the new engine repair shop.

S7 Technics CFM56 engine repair shop in Mineralnye VodyThe 850 m2 (approximately 9,150 ft.2) shop features a section for aircraft bearings inspection, a dedicated zone for powerplant unit repairs and a separate station for engine parts cleaning. It is also equipped with a customized increased durability overhead crane with lifting devices used for assembly and disassembly of engines and their components.

According to S7 Technics, the shop can simultaneously service up to four CFM56 engines. The shop has already won its first contract from Russian freight carrier Atran, which entailed replacing an engine’s high-pressure compressor cases and the low-pressure compressor. Rusin says that although Atran is based in central Russia, “the logistics costs were not overwhelming because alternative MRO opportunities only exist outside the CIS.”

“It was important for us to find a reliable engine maintenance provider in Russia to bring down the overhead costs and cut aircraft down times,” explains Dmitry Obsharov, Atran's general director. Obsharov says the airline’s strategy to maintain its fleet’s airworthiness includes creating a network of reliable maintenance partners.

Growing demand in the region was behind S7 Technics’ decision to launch the second CFM56 repair shop. When plans for the Mineralnye Vody location were announced in 2017, the company stated it had needed to decline some potential orders because demand for engine maintenance services in its existing Moscow Domodedovo Airport shop “proved considerably higher than its capacity.”

The Moscow Domodedovo CFM56 shop was launched in 2016 and a representative for S7 Technics says the location has performed more than 100 engine repair projects since 2018. The facility, which can handle two engines at a time, services both local airlines and European customers.

Although S7 Technics is not sharing specifics about potential plans to increase staff at either shop or open additional CFM56 repair shops elsewhere, a representative says new locations are something it is looking at in the near future.

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