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S7 Technics Upgrades Cabin Textile Capabilities

The Russian MRO provider is introducing new automation equipment to meet growing demand for interior repairs and sewing services.

S7 Technics is working to meet growing demand for aircraft interior repairs and sewing services through new equipment and automation. The Russian MRO provider’s Domodedovo Airport shop in Moscow has purchased new, high-tech equipment to repair and sew interior textile elements as part of its broader program of continuous production facility upgrades. 

According to S7 Technics, its facilities in Moscow and Novosibirsk Tomachevo Airport in Siberia increased combined production output in 2018 by 30% over the previous year. “The fact that our Domodedovo and Tomachevo sewing shops are continuously loaded with orders indicates that these services are in high demand,” says Nikita Belykh, sales director, S7 Technics. “To cater for the growing demand we are working on increasing the capacity of these facilities through [further] automation.”

As part of this growth, the Moscow facility has added imported leather lamination technology and a special cutting machine, which S7 Technics says is unique for the region. According to the company, leather lamination helps to reduce aircraft passenger seat weight while increasing durability.

“The leather lamination technology makes it possible to eliminate foam seat bottoms and backrests. It also slows wear and thus prolongs the brand new appearance of seat covers,” explains Tatiana Kharitonova, director of the Moscow sewing shop. “There are no similar production sites for such seat covers in Russia. We are the first.”

According to Kharitonova, the new cutting machine is used to replace manual cutting of economy and business class seat cover parts with automated processes. “In the production of seat covers, cutting is the most labor-intensive process,” Kharitonova says, “So the new machine helps us to reduce the labor-intensity of seat cover production and completely eliminates manual labor in the cutting process.”

S7 Technics says leading Russian airlines such as Rossiya Airlines, Ural Airlines and S7 Airlines are already taking advantage of the new sewing services. 

In addition to interior repairs and sewing, S7 Technics’ facilities offer line and base maintenance, structural repairs, engineering services and components manufacturing. The company has recently added a slew of new capabilities, including Cyclean engine washing services, CFM56 engine repair and Boeing 737 MAX maintenance.

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