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Safran Nacelles Launches New NacelleLife Service Offering

The customized maintenance and support program focuses on solutions for the full life of Safran's jet engine nacelle systems.

Safran Nacelles has launched a new comprehensive service offering for its jet engine nacelle systems. NacelleLife is a customized maintenance and support program that provides solutions from a jetliner’s first service entry all the way through its retirement from operation.

“NacelleLife brings together the expertise of a world-leading nacelle manufacturer with our proactive, optimized services that anticipate and respond to customers’ needs throughout the lifecycle,” says Olivier Savin, Safran Nacelles’ VP of customer support and services. Savin adds that the service applies to Safran’s full range of nacelles, including legacy products and upcoming nacelle systems.

Safran says the benefits of the service include remote diagnosis and on-site intervention, technical documentation accessibility and fleet data management. With its ability to develop repair solutions to short- and long-term leases of parts, Safran says NacelleLife is advantageous for carriers with leased aircraft—particularly since assets are expected to be returned to lessors in good condition.

NacelleLife starts with initial provisioning assistance and hands-on maintenance coaching during an aircraft’s pre-entry phase. Customers can subscribe to an engineering and on-site intervention service, which includes a dedicated technical team that is available to step in worldwide. The support team can provide assistance in case of unscheduled events, technical troubleshooting, and training to introduce nacelle components, operations, maintenance and repairs.

At an aircraft’s entry-into-operation, the service provides an on-site presence and online access to technical documentation through Safran Nacelles’ e-library portal. This is followed by fleet management, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and proactive preparation for scheduled maintenance while in revenue service. Finally, NacelleLife provides transition support for an aircraft’s phase-out.

As part of the service offering, Safran is introducing two new innovations. The first is a mobile application called JetLife, which provides the latest service bulletins (SB) for an airline’s whole nacelle fleet. Subscribers can see requested modifications and SB information in real-time and record modifications completed on each aircraft. Through the application’s collaborative platform, Safran is able to follow a customer’s nacelle fleet to provide support, advice and recommendations for maximizing operations. JetLife is available as either a stand-alone service or as part of a package of services customized for an operator.

Safran Nacelles

Safran Nacelles' JetLife Application

The other new innovation, which is offered as part of NacelleLife’s unscheduled maintenance service, is a proprietary non-destructive evaluation tool for composite structures. The handheld tool—called Presto—allows for “underwing” assessments to check for consequential overheat damage on nacelle elements, such as a thrust reverser’s inner fixed structure (IFS). Presto uses infrared thermography techniques to inspect and validate the health of composite structures, which Safran says delivers fast, non-destructive results and reduces AOG time. The tool allows for the performance of inspections while a thrust reverser is still installed on-wing. Through NacelleLife, Safran’s on-site customer team can perform inspections using Presto, assess the damage and provide a diagnosis and repair recommendations.

Safran Nacelles

Presto non-destructive evaluation tool

According to Safran, NacelleLife is a flexible menu of services for an operator to choose from and can be tailored to a customer’s needs in terms of scope, service options and financial structures, so pricing will vary.

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