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Sapura Technics To Open in Malaysia in July

A new MRO plans to open at the Senair airport, about 55 km from Singapore, in Malaysia.

Expect a new narrowbody MRO, Sapura Technics, to open at Senair Airport in Senai, Johor, Malayasia, in July when it expects to obtain its first regulatory approval, from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

The MRO, owned by Sapura Resources Berhad, is taking over two hangars that each accommodate one narrowbody aircraft from Sapura Aerpo, which provides aircraft management services to more than 25 private aircraft owners and operators there.

The group decided to form Sapura Technics based on “the encouraging MRO market demand within Southeast Asia” and to expand the company’s aviation services. “Sapura Technics envisions to be the preferred commercial MRO service provider and is set to support the growing needs of the commercial aircraft MRO demand, and at the same time creating new high-demand job opportunities,” says a company spokesperson.

Initially the company plans to provide line and base maintenance (up to C check) for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family aircraft, supported by backshops for composites, sheet metal, non-destructive testing, paint and battery charging.

Its expansion plans include adding shops for interiors, wheels and brakes, hydraulics and safety equipment—as well as adding CAMO and Part 21 approval. “We are considering both organic growth as well as strategic collaborations with potential partners,” says the spokesperson. This includes building a new hangar that could accommodate widebody aircraft.

“We do not have any secured customers yet as we are still in the setting up stage” for CAAM approval, but “we have started discussions with local operators,” says the spokesperson.

The company says Senai Airport is well suited to quickly access “the existing MRO ecosystem in Singapore.”

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