Seeing All The Parts Available.jpg Ramco Systems

Seeing All The Parts Available

New parts visibility bringing industry up to speed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every airline procurement manager could, when an AOG or any other part need occurs, see on one screen all the instances of that part available, from both internal stocks and external sources such as OEMs, distributors, traders, MROs, asset managers, exchange pools and other firms, together with all the information necessary to know the total cost of both part and shipping plus time required for delivery?

And what if the manager were able, with just a few clicks on that screen, to confirm all the necessary technical information and do all the actions necessary to start the part in motion to the point of need?

Ramco Systems has now developed a platform to enable all this, Parts Anywhere. It is trying to interest part suppliers, airlines and other operators to connect with the new tool.

Manojh Singh, Ramco SVP Americas says the aviation industry is very advanced in new technology. “But the back office for the supply chain is in the Stone Age.” He says the aftermarket needs “real-time, inter-enterprise visibility of parts, and inter-enterprise collaboration on forecasts of demand and supply.” Without a way of filling these gaps, aviation will continue to carry billions of dollars in excess inventory and lose billions to cancellations and delays, all while “making frantic emails and phone calls.”

Singh emphasizes that Parts Anywhere is not another electronic part exchange. Rather, it will connect with major exchanges like Aeroxchange and critical shippers like FedEx. And, though Ramco supports many of the major aerospace OEMs and top airlines, a Parts Anywhere user does not have to be a Ramco customer.

Edward Perry, who manages materials for NetJets’ 700 on-demand private aircraft and uses Ramco supply-chain tools, says the big advantage of Parts Anywhere would be speedy responses to AOG situations. But Perry says costs could also be saved by a platform that gave a complete and reliable picture of locations, prices and shipping costs of all procurement options.

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